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Cancellation insurance


For your safety, we have taken out an optional cancellation insurance Contract No. 301299 with Mondial Assistance.

The insurance premium is equal to 2.49% of the cost of your stay. This will be paid along with your deposit (see Article 4 of the special terms and conditions of sale).


To subscribe to this insurance, you will have to:

  • subscribe at the same time as you book your stay
  • add the amount of the premium to your deposit.

Below is a summary of the guarantees; the general terms and conditions of this contract will be sent to your with your booking confirmation.


Withdrawal fees will be reimbursed in the event of cancellation for the following reasons:

  • serious illness, serious accident or death concerning yourself, your spouse, guardian, parents, children, brothers, sisters, brothers in law, sisters in law, sons in law, daughters in law, stepfathers, stepmothers or person travelling with the insuree provided that they are named on the same booking form.
  • serious damage to your main or second home due to theft, fire or natural causes that requires your presence.
  • relapse of a pre-existing illness provided that it has not been the cause of a medical consultation during the month preceding your holiday booking.
  • pregnancy complication.
  • redundancy concerning yourself or your spouse,
  • cancellation, on justifiable grounds, by your travelling companion if this withdrawal would mean you have to travel alone.
  • serious damage to the vehicle of the insuree requiring the work by a professional and that occurs within 48 hours of their departure, provided that said vehicle is no longer roadworthy and cannot be used to travel to their final holiday location,
  • suppression or modification by their employer of the insuree's paid leave that they had been granted prior to booking the stay. Deductible: 25% of the guaranteed amount of the cancellation fee with a minimum of 150 euros, per insured person / per file or 30 euros per insured person / per file when the price of the stay is less than 150 euros per insured person / per file.

The insurance company will reimburse you the exact amount withheld by CAMPO DÉCOUVERTE calculated according to the scale in the special terms and conditions of sale. The premium will always be owed to the company even if the traveller cancels their subscription prior to departure for any reason whatsoever. Please be aware that you must notify CAMPO DÉCOUVERTE  of your cancellation on the date on which you realize that you will not be able to travel in order to limit the amount of fees charged and declare your claim to Mondial Assistance at + 33 (0)1 42 99 03 95 or https: / /

Breaking your stay

  • Following your medical repatriation organized by a medical assistance company
  • or following an early return due to serious illness, serious accident or death concerning yourself, your spouse, parents, children, brothers, sisters,
  • death of your brother in law, sister-in-law, daughter in law, stepfather, stepmother,
  • serious damage to your main or secondary place of residence.

Mondial Assistance will refund your unused days of holiday pro rata to the cost of the stay that you paid. Please be aware that you will have to notify Mondial Assistance (at +33 (0)1 42 99 02 02) and CAMPO DÉCOUVERTE  (at +33 (0)4 73 19 11 11) of your decision to leave early to enable them to validate the reasons given.

No refund will be made if this condition is not met.


NB: This insurance cannot be purchased once the deposit has been paid. If you do not check the "I subscribe to the cancellation insurance" box on the booking form and / or if the premium amount is not paid along with the deposit, then it will be automatically considered that you have not subscribed to the cancellation insurance.